A new page to encompass the greater areas of life. There is a whole galaxy out there and it’s all relative to where we are and who we are (or think we are) and what we want.
How important it seems to be rushing around doing things and getting nowhere really and then we sit and wonder where the time went that we were supposed to be saving, or using for other things.
Did you ever think how often we knock ourselves silly in order to have time to relax…I am not sure that was the idea really.
Anyway this page will be a belly rumble escapee of all that has been assimilating in my universal mind. Anything that doesn’t obviously fit in the first page will find it’s way here. It might get a bit bigger than it’s sibling.
I don’t like limitations
There is a paradox with that – those who know me will know what it is or at least what it was…that is the question that will be answered here perhaps, wherein the paradox lies.
Which side of the door am I on, or am I still on the threshold, door ajar, hedging my bets and waiting to take the leap of faith that we all need to take when opportunity knocks and we have to move forward and leave the past behind.
I’m connecting to my inner lemming and wondering at the same time if I have a parachute!
Eyes tight shut, arms and legs tucked in, and off we go – must remember to tumble and roll on landing.
Lets have fun
J U M P !

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