The Janus Paradigm is a space in which to explore options and re-discover resources that have been perhaps forgotten along the way. All too often we believe we are in a career for life – then life throws a curve ball and things change.

In these somewhat challenging times it may become necessary to make quite extensive changes; anything from relocation to redundancy requires a whole new perspective.

The Janus Paradigm is all about perception of choice and how by just tweaking things a little new directions can be taken by anyone who finds themselves wondering what to do if…

Restore, resolve, renew, reconstruct and revive aspirations, ambitions, confidence and abilities that are lying dormant under a blanket of routine and concern.

Challenges not problems, realising that each new day brings new opportunities.

For the corporate bosses who wish their staff would be more settled and productive to the director facing uncertainty in redundancy, or indeed, for the company worker who needs to relocate their family abroad, there are solutions and resources to be re-discovered.

For all that you need you already have, sometimes it pays to look a little closer at the big picture and see what treasures lie within the warp and weft of life’s tapestry.

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